1478 North Washington St.
Clarkesville, Georgia, USA 30523
We've been sharing the fun, mystery, and beauty of antiques since 1985!   Please visit our store in the "heart of Clarkesville."

Owners: Wallace and Dellie Wenn



        Wallace "Col. Wally" Wenn, is an auctioneer (Ga. Lic. #2946) and antique dealer today, but his interest in history and "old things" goes back to his growing up days in Portland, Oregon, when he wanted to become a paleontologist and search for fossils the rest of his life.  That didn't  happen.  By the year 1970 he had graduated from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota  (if you want to know where that is, just go to Lake Wobegon and hang a left.) With his B.A. in English, Wally planned on becoming a high school teacher and coach.  However, Uncle Sam had different plans, so Wally ended up as a journalist in the U.S. Navy, stationed first in the Philippines and later off the coast of North Vietnam.  In the Philippines, he met and married Dellie, and off the coast of Vietnam he did a "Good Morning Vietnam" show and produced a daily newspaper for the heavy cruiser and flagship, U.S.S. Chicago.  

        After the service, Wally was a medical writer, a graduate student in business, an advertising rep for a newspaper chain and a marketing director for a regional shopping center, before he and Dellie moved from San Diego to Big Bear Lake, California,  where he eventually became general manager of the local newspaper.  However, there was yearning in his heart to work for himself, so in 1985, the couple and their two daughters, Maraiah & Sarah, moved to Clarkesville, Ga., in order to (a) own a store of their own, (b) be closer to Wally's parents in Atlanta and (c) enjoy small town life in a beautiful section of the country.    

        Until this year, Wally was a devoted distance runner, but a poorly designed knee has finally slowed his running down. He has been a member of Clarkesville's city council, and he carried the Olympic Torch when it traveled through Clarkesville back in 1996 -- among other community activities.    

        Adelfa Edangal Eclarinal Wenn (Dellie) grew up in Olongapo City, Republic of the Philippines.  She graduated from the University of the East in Manila "a long time ago" with a degree in elementary education.  After a year of training in San Diego, Ca., she went to work for the U.S. Navy in the Philippines as a computer operator, until she foolishly accepted a blind date with a young, curly-haired sailor at a Christmas party in 1970.  That led to their marriage in 1972 and then to Dellie's first bouts with below-zero temperatures in Minnesota.  Following a long, rambling journey around the West,  Dellie and Wally arrived in San Diego in 1974.  "Dellie" used her educational background in the rearing of two daughters, Maraiah and Sarah, and in the training of her spouse.

        She was thrust into the antique business back in 1985 when Once Upon A Time, Co. opened, and she quickly discovered that her childhood training in crafts such as knitting, crochet and sewing had an important place in the business. She also discovered that she really enjoys the day-to-day task of running the shop, talking with new friends and learning ever more about antiques and history.   In fact many visitors to the store over the years don't know that anyone else works in the place other than the "little lady with the pretty salt-and-pepper hair."  

        Wally and Dellie's daughters have moved along with their lives away from Clarkesville.  Maraiah and husband, Ian, have moved to Oregon.  She is currently enrolled in a graduate program to become an art therapist and psych counselor.  Sarah is working in the heart of Atlanta on Peachtree Street for a large construction firm, and she is still active in the Anime Convention in Atlanta.